Reused Possibilities

We want to try to be as green as possible in completing this house rehab, and part of that means recycling. In a previous article, I had posted about Murco Recycling. A few days ago, I found a beautiful Cherry Kitchen that just might work for our house. We've contacted Murco and we have all of the measurements that we need... now, it's a matter of getting back into our house and measuring the ceiling height. These cherry cabinets were built floor to ceiling (9 feet) in the house where they were originally installed. We're afraid the old farmhouse may only have 8 foot celings. We have to move quickly if we want to get this kitchen, because Murco operates on a first come, first served (understandably).

kitchen1  kitchen3 
 kitchen5  kitchen6
 kitchen2  kitchen4

Murco also has a house that is getting rid of some old heat radiators... the same tpye of heater that was used in the old farm house, before the previous owner discarded the radiators (to our disappointment). I'm not sure if they'd work for the house, or not - but there is a possibility. There are 14 in all, I only posted pictures of a few.

 radiator1 radiator2   radiator3


(update 3/3/14: we did not get the beautiful cherry kitchen. We have decided to pass on the radiators, as well. They'll take up space that we don't want to lose, and they may limit the possibilities of furniture placement)