Recipes for homemade layer chicken feeds

So, I have like 3 other articles that have recipes for how to make chicken feed at home - this one is unique though, because it breaks down different ingredient options by their protein content.


It's probably the most "complicated" article that I have for chicken feed recipes, though - so if you're looking for something easier... check out one of these articles (or all of them): Formulating Your Own Chicken FeedGarden Betty's Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed, and/or Homemade Chicken Feed. Organic and soy-free! - Stephanie


Once your chicks grow up and start to lay, you want to change them off the homemade starter/grower feeds and onto laying feeds with 16 or 17% protein.

Once again, I'm listing several choices so that you get an idea of how to put together your own feed recipe.  The numbers in the chart indicate a percent of the recipe by weight --- to make a hundred pounds of feed, just pretend those numbers are in pounds.


  Generic  - 15-18% protein Modern - 17% protein Modern (no alfalfa) - 17% protein High corn - 15% protein No soybeans - 13% protein
Corn (shelled or meal)   48.25 48.25 60 53.5
Soybeans (roasted or meal)   30 30 8  
Oats   5 10    
Alfalfa meal (can be eliminated in on fresh pasture.) 4 5   2.5 5
Fish meal and/or meat meal 3       7.5
Aragonite, ground limestone, marble, or oyster shells  (for calcium) 3 8.75 8.75 6.35 3
Poultry nutri-balancer   3 3    
Combination of corn, milo, barley, oats, wheat, and/or rice 53.5        
Wheat bran, mill feed, rice bran, and/or milling byproducts 17        
Soybean meal, peanut meal, cottonseed meal, safflower meal, and/or sesame meal 15        
Yeast and/or milk powder (for vitamins) 2     3 2.5
Salt with trace minerals (trace mineral salt or iodized salt supplemented with 1/2 oz. of managanese sulfate and 1/2 oz. of zinc oxide.) 0.5     0.4 0.5
Bone meal and/or deflourinated dicalcium phosphate 2        
Wheat middlings       15  
Wheat         30
Cod liver oil         1
Maine herring meal (65% protein)       3.75  
Meat and bone meal (47% protein)       1  
Kelp meal       0.6  


Stay tuned for the next post about protein content --- this is the one that will really help you make up your own feed.

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