Factory Seconds = Big Savings

One great way to save some money when doing a project this big is to look at factory seconds for items that simply don't need to be perfect. With building materials like insulation, moulding, wainscot, cabinets, and roofing. You can get many of these items for cents on the dollar. It should go without saying, that not everything you find as a factory seconds is a good idea to use.

 For any of the factory second items that you look at, you should find out what makes them a factory second. Also, think about what application it is being used for, and whether or not the defect and/or blemish is acceptable for your application.

I have listed some of my factors second finds below, but that doesn't mean that they'll all be appropriate for what we're doing.

Insulation: Factory second insulation can be found from the people at Insulation Factory Seconds in Sullivan, Illinois.


Wainscot & Moulding: The Moulding Outlet in La Porte, Indiana has a varierty of wood items from moulding to decorative window trim, and even wainscot.  

oak wainscot

Cabinets: The Cabinet Factory Outlet in Arthur, IL offers counters that didn't quite measure up for the original buyer.  These cabinets are handcrafted by Amish wood workers. They come at a very significant discount. The entire cabinet set pictured below was priced at less than $2,000 at time of this posting. We won't be using these amazing discounts for our kitchen, but we still need cabinets for all of the bathrooms in the house.

factory outlet

Roofing: The roof on the house is in good condition, but the barn roof is in some need of some TLC. So, for that project we may be able to utilize Ray's Roofing Supply who offers "shingles that have been down-graded by the manufacturer for reasons of quality or appearance." Doing business with this company means more than just saving money. It also means supporting a company that really follows the mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle. “Materials that we grade as unusable for resale is set aside, ground up and recycled for use as road fill for a hot asphalt mix. ROOFING SHINGLES ARE NOT SENT TO A LANDFILL.”