Simple DIY Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Plans for a Simple DIY Cedar Raised Garden Bed that’s about eight feet long and four feet wide, making the middle easy to reach from either side. Made of rot-resistant wood, this garden bed will last many seasons.


Materials for a raised bed:

One 6-foot-long 4-by-4 ($15)
Six 8-foot-long 2-by-6s ($75)
One 10-foot-long 1-inch PVC pipe ($3)
Two 10-foot-long ½-inch PVC pipes ($6)
32 3½-inch #14 wood screws and 16 ½-inch #8 wood screws ($29)
One 4- by 10-foot roll of ¼-inch-mesh hardware cloth ($15)
Eight 1-inch galvanized tube straps (semicircular brackets; $3.60)
32 cubic feet (1 1/5 cu. yd.) soil mix ($100 in bags; look for combination of topsoil, compost, and potting soil).
With a table or power saw, cut the 4-by-4 into four 16-inch-tall corner posts. Cut two of the 2-by-6s in half. Cut the 1-inch PVC pipe into four 12-inch-long pieces and the ½-inch PVC pipes into 6-foot-long pieces. Assemble pieces on a hard, flat surface.


Build bed upside down. Set a 4-foot 2-by-6 on its thin edge on pavement, and place a 16-inch post at one end. Secure post with two 3½-inch screws. Repeat at other end of board. Repeat with other short board.

Join short sides with an 8-foot board; and secure with two screws. Add other long side. Add second layer of 2-by-6s.



With help from a buddy, flip the bed right side up. Move it into position in the yard, marking with a trowel each corner post’s location. Move the bed aside; dig a 5- to 6-inch-deep hole for each post.

Put the bed back into place, with posts in holes; fill around posts with soil.


Install Lining:

Rake the existing soil at the bottom of the bed to level it, then tamp it smooth. Line the bed with hardware cloth to keep out gophers and moles; trim the cloth with shears to fit around corner posts


Fill the bed with a planting mix of topsoil, compost, and potting soil; rake it smooth, and moisten it with a gentle spray from the hose.

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