Greenhouse Review

This is my product review of the Ogrow Deluxe Walk-In 2 Tier 8 Shelf Portable Lawn and Garden Greenhouse.


greenhouseDepending on what you want to get out of your greenhouse(s), this may not even be an option for you. We purchased this greenhouse with the sole intention of using it to start our seeds. We don't have the expectation that this greenhouse is going to be used throughout the growing season, nor will it be used for more than a few weeks each year (hopefully, it can be used again for the same purpose, next year).

When we unpacked it from the box - we found exactly what we had expected based on the price of the item. 


We were not disappointed by the quality, and we expect that it might last 2-3 seedling seasons, but I think you might be hard pressed to get a full growing season out of it.


The directions were not very detailed, but with some common sense and a sense of humor - they're easy enough to follow. I think it took us about 30 minutes to assemble the entire thing. That includes some time spent trying to unmangle one of the plastic connectors after the puppy chewed on it (oops!). But, to the credit of the plastic, it actually got chewed on, unmangled and then still managed to support a shelf!



Step 1 - Seperate and count the pieces

(yes, we actually do that). 

Step 2 - Assemble from the bottom up.

Please note: when you get to Step 3 on the directions it will tell you to assemble using 4xF -- don't worry, there is really no "F" piece. This is only there to confuse you.


Step 3: Finish Assembly of the Frame (and put on shelves)

The shelves are pretty chintzy. They just sort of "hang out" on top of the frame. We opted to use zip ties to secure them to the frame. At this point, you are also advised to take a picture of the puppy who chewed on the plastic connector so that people will believe you when you blog about it.


Step 4: Put the Top On

And tie the ties around the outside corner poles.

greenhouse11 greenhouse12