Greenhouse Research

There isn't a whole lot to say about the greenhouse at this point. It's January, and its been a terrible winter by Indiana standards. We've had lots of snow, and we've spent considerable time below freezing. 

We're also still waiting on the house to close (5 more days) -- we don't actually have possession yet.

My mom and her husband bought 30+/- acres in Northern Missouri several years back, and have been looking into self-sufficiency for quite some time. The last conversation that I had with Mark, he mentioned watching a video with a guy who had a regret about his greenhouse. Apparently, this guy had always intended to put a big underwater storage unit beneath his greenhouse. He didn't do it, and now it's "too late." --- Well the idea of putting a water tank under a green house was news to me (yeah, I'm clueless!). So, I started trying to dig up some information on the subject, and found quite a few things that were mighty interesting.

I found some information that was way above my head, but that I knew someone else would understand. So, I forwarded a link with all the interesting plans for Building a Solar Greenhouse with the Subterranean Heating and Cooling System


I have been told by people who can understand what that is - that it's pretty sweet.

I also found some neat small, and temporary greenhouses that would be wonderful for the raised beds outside of the greenhouse. You can read about those in my Garden Ideas article.